Actualité du DAO

Can we Self-Regulate “ICO” Hype in crypto’s Wild-West?

TL;DR — There is a bunch of half-baked, over-hyped, dubious (and often outright scam) projects masquerading as legitimate token launches…

Charity DAO

$373.25 billion was given to charitable organizations in 2015 (2.1% of the world’s GDP).

It’s where your heart is, not only your money…

Today I had an interesting encounter.

Back to Our Roots

During the past six months we, as a community, have been on an incredible journey together. We’ve experienced some dizzying heights…

Ethereum DAO hard-fork on july 20th

Parity and Geth have a date for the hard-fork

DAO Moving Forward | A Community Perspective

“I don’t see us going anywhere though. I think we’re all too invested in the ecosystem and community to just walk away at this point.” —…

The Next Steps — Part 3

The last week has been a bit of a hard to follow; the soft fork was ready to pass, then the soft fork was canceled, the hard fork debate…

Updated: The next steps — part 2

Important: You can no longer split from the DAO, you will lose ALL of your tokens!

Updated: The next steps

Update3: The DAO is under attack — but Vitalik saved us